Vegan Extra Strength Magic Potion

Vegan Extra Strength Magic Potion


Extra strength pain relief from bruises, sore muscles, aches and pains! Coconut oil infused with yarrow, calendula, plaintain and echinacea add anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and healing benefits to our original Magic Potion to give it an extra boost! Also contains eucalyptus, sweet marjoram, lavender, ravensara and black pepper essential oils and carnauba wax.

Available in 0.5oz sample size, 4oz or 8oz jars.

Approx~ 312.5mg CBD in 0.5oz, 2500mg per 4oz jar, 5000mg per 8oz jar


*organic, kosher, eco friendly ingredients, BPA free packaging

***Not intended to diagnose or treat any ailment or disease***